Thamicha Isaac, Award-winning Founder and CEO of Miizmisha’s World of Empowerment

You can be as successful as you and God see fit, no matter how big or small the obstacles.
— Thamicha Isaac

Thamicha Isaac, Founder and CEO of Miizmisha’s World of Empowerment

Thamicha Isaac, Founder and CEO of Miizmisha’s World of Empowerment

Award-winning Founder and CEO of Miizmisha’s World of Empowerment; Thamicha Isaac, Entrepreneur, and Motivational Speaker, is an openly positive HIV Activist of a global HIV empowerment movement that is garnering herself and her cause recognition for her activism.

Her dedication, and compassion for individuals and communities affected by HIV Thamicha Isaac is on a mission to not only change lives but also empower individuals to fight for themselves and not allow a diagnosis of HIV to deter them from living out their life’s dreams while bringing awareness and HIV education to communities worldwide.

Moving forward in bravery and transparency, Thamicha Isaac has shown courage in sharing her personal story of heartache, pain, and triumph. Her story is one of determination, power, and courage. A story that has the ability to transform and inspire the lives of individuals affected by HIV, whether a personal diagnosis or someone they care for and love. As An Activist, Ms. Isaac is taking her experiences and selflessly seeking to educate and empower others.

Thamicha Isaac was on a mission to make a name for herself, to change the course of her life, Her first obligation to herself was to leave an abusive relationship while living in St. Martin. Thamicha fled that relationship and relocated to New York City, determined to make a better life While living with her paternal family, her plans drastically changed when she discovered she was HIV positive at the tender age of nineteen. Feeling scared and uncertain about her future, Ms. Isaac became despondent and grew weary of living, and attempted suicide. The failed attempt was a major turning point in Thamicha’s life, giving her a new perspective on life and reality. Learning to live in her truth gave her strength and the determination to pursue her goals and make something extraordinary of her life.

In the pursuit of learning whom she was as an individual living with HIV, Ms. Isaac set out to find her voice, learning what to do with her second chance at life. Her journey led her to a short residence in Massachusetts where she obtained a diploma in Medical Assistance. In continuing to find her inner strength and her voice, Thamicha Isaac became a successful MaryKay Beauty Consultant and Massage Therapist, as well. Combining the two professions, she delivered an uplifting and positive experience to clients.

Driven to succeed in spite of the circumstances of her past and a HIV positive diagnosis Thamicha found love again, and out of those relationships, birthed two handsome sons. Wanting to be the best version of herself and the best Mom and provider for her sons Ms. Isaac discovered a new passion, and outlook. Establishing Miizmisha’s World of Empowerment, Thamicha Isaac made it her mission and goal to help women and men affected with HIV/AIDS to fight the stigma of living with a positive diagnosis, helping them to channel their energy while focusing on creating and obtaining new goals and future aspirations.

Often called upon to share her inspiring life story, an Activist and Motivational Speaker, Thamicha Isaac brings encouragement and empowerment to those who may feel the same fear and despondency she once experienced. Her dedication, humanitarianism, community work and activism has garnered Ms. Isaac several awards and citations. Thamicha was awarded an NYS Citation from Brooklyn Boro President Eric Adams and An ANS Association Citation from Dr. Chloe Natacha for her honesty and bravery. Ms. Isaac completed her HIV Pre and Post Testing counseling certification recently, Thamicha also received the Pilar of Light Award from the Kids Who Bank organization, an honoree at their first annual Kidpreneur Gala, in April 2018.

Activist, Humanitarian, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, CEO—Thamicha Isaac is proving that a positive HIV status does not have to mean the end to life dreams and goals. With determination, conviction, and support, one can overcome all things.

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