Cymone Lashae, Founder, Of A Sound Mind

Cymone Lashae, Founder, Of A Sound Mind

Cymone Lashae, Founder, Of A Sound Mind

Cymone Lashae is a passionate, driven young woman who, while personally affected by mental illness, turned that into an opportunity to advocate for other survivors with a diagnosis or overcoming trauma.

Cymone attended Rhema Bible Training Center and Gateway Community College to pursue degrees in both youth ministry and criminal justice.

Besides being the founder of the faith based mental health organization, "Of A Sound Mind", she also manages her own event planning business by the name of "Coordinaire Events". She is a full time employee at a local cable company as well.

Cymone has many other passions as well including music, dance and choreography, crafting, and writing. She is currently working on an autobiography and self-help book.

Being on both ends of the spectrum, as both a survivor and victim, she makes it a point to speak up about mental illness by both sharing resources and educating others by sharing personal experiences. She hosts panel discussions, support groups, and other events to continue to get the word out on the importance of mental health.

The goal of "Of A Sound Mind" is to help others overcome trauma and also to stop the stigma on mental illness by raising awareness and attempting to normalize mental illness.

"Of A Sound Mind" Mission Statement:

  • Advocate for those who suffer from mental illness.

  • Bring awareness to the importance of mental health and normalize mental illness in our community. We strive to work towards ending the stigma associated with mental illness.

  • Inform and educate both the community and the church regarding coping skills, symptoms of mental illness, signs of suicide, etc.

  • Set up support systems for those with similar traumatic experiences and/ or with similar diagnosis to share personal experiences and feelings in a safe environment and discuss coping strategies.

  • Provide resources for those who looking to seek professional help.

  • Provide resources for the church to be properly equipped to deal with mental health crisis.

  • Empower and encourage those who suffer from self-doubt and low self-esteem.

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